Chords of Interest:

Asus4    Am/F#    Asus4/F#
-O----   -O----   -O----
||||||   ||||*|   ||||||
||**||   *|**||   *|**||
||||*|   ||||||   ||||*|
||||||   ||||||   ||||||
{Verse: | Am | Am/F# | Am | F# \ |
        | Am | Am/F# | Am E | Am E :| }
Bad news over my shoulder,
  don't dare look around
I can swear I smell the brimstone,
  Believe I hear the hound

{Chorus: | Am/F# | Am | Am/F# | Am |
         | Am  Am/F# | Am/F  E | Am E | Am E :| }
No need in talkin it over,
  there's really nothing to say (hey)
losing my race with the reaper,
  and there's gonna be the devil to pay

Well I tried a little store bought religion
  I just couldn't buy it could you
All that birthin by virgins and denyin' one's urgins
  Somehow it just never rang true

I do believe in evil,
  It's the one thing I'm sure is true
and it's the hurt in our heart keeping us so apart,
  is the devil in me and you

Now if you see me down in a tavern,
  wrecked and dirty, trashy and low
It's true what they say, we've all got to pay
  and it's best to pay the devil you know

{Chorus (repeat first chorus)}
{Solo out}
" "