w3m is a text based web browser that can come in super handy.

Translate HTML to Text:

cat index.html | w3m -dump -T text/html > index.txt

Usefull startup options:

-s :         squeeze multiple blank lines
-cookie :    use cookie
-post FILE : post a file to a webserver

Moving Around:

H       show keyboard shortcuts
K, J    scroll one line up/down
.,,     shift screen left/right
z       center line
[,]     go to first/last link
TAB     move to next link
C-u, ESC-TAB move to previous link
C-m     popup link list menu and move cursor to selected link
C-l     popup link list menu and go to selected link
(,)     cancel/redo last cursor movement


C-t     open link in new tab
a       save link
c       peek current url
u       peek link url
I       view image
;       mark current word as anchor
=       view info of current document
F       render frame
L       show all links


B       back
v       view HTML source
s       popup buffer selection menue
S       save buffer to file
E       edit current buffer (local only)
R       reload


T       open new tab
C-q     close current tab
{,}     move to next/prev tab
ESC-t   popup tab selection menu


ESC-b   view bookmark
ESC-a   add current page to bookmarks


/,?     search forward/backward
C-s,C-r incremental search forward/backward


C-@     set/unset mark
ESC-n,ESC-p move to next/previous mark


o       options
C-k     view cookies
C-h     view history
!       execute shell cmd
C-z     stop loading
Q       Quit without confirmation
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