Yesterday, Gautam, Richard and I went to the Edmonton International Craft Beerfest.

Projected Beerfest logo on the conference center wall

It was a pretty good day. The tickets we got were special Beer Geek VIP tickets which gave us access to the special casks that many of the brewery’s brought. I wouldn’t want to try and guess at the number of booths, as I’d probably be off, but there were easily thirty or more brewery’s represented.

I had to give Derek a rough time though because I was unable to find the Tree booth. Je me disappoint. (yeah, I know that isn’t real French, so sue me…)

Getting to the event wasn’t difficult, but we did try and make it eventful. At one point Richard mistakenly thought he was at the Clareview LRT stop when he was really at health sciences which really threw me for a loop. Eventually we figured things out though and met up with Gautam.

The event started at 1pm and by the time 4:30pm rolled around all three of us were a little worse for wear. A stop at Earls on campus did wonders to restore us a bit though.

Ultimately the day was a success!

For today, I’ve invited Richard, Zach and Michelle for burgers, beer and boardgames. Groceries must be acquired first though.

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