Oh yeah, postin’ from the pooper! Boy oh boy am I login it up these days. (I apologize for that one) Friends don’t let friends poop post!

I refuse to apologize for my chosen location. Why? Because I think I might have found the software that I use for my website. I confess… I guess the website is a convenient way to avoid saying that I procrastinated on my chores today.

I’m not going to make any commitments, nor am I going to set any lofty goals for this website design. I’ve had a couple dozen different websites over the years. On some I spent to much time on cumbersome design. On others I spent time on content but had no way to really get it online.

For this iteration, though, I am using the python based blog engine called "Pelican". So far I like it, as it has most or all of the features I want and not a lot of extra bloat. I’ve set up the site in a git repo that contains the pelican config along side the site content. It’s just one file and some much needed directory structure so that suits me fine. I have also added a bash script for from based updating and a post template file with the requisite metadata.

All that nerd talk means that I can set up the crunchbang VM on my desktop to pull the latest updates from git then run the pelican build and upload scripts. That coupled with Sgit, an android git client with push capabilities, allows me to write posts from anywhere and anytime and have my website automatically updated.

It’s getting late though so I’ll talk about all that crap in more detail later, probably.

I said I’d set no commitments but I may have just set a record. Toilet seats are uncomfortable.

Friends don’t let friends poop post!

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