Metaphorically getting my hands dirty at work is simultaneously challenging, frustrating, educational and so far rewarding, all at the same time.

Most of my uncles would scoff if they heard me say that programming in a new codebase, written in a new language is akin to "getting ones hands dirty". I don’t care what they say though because it’s true.

For the current sprint at work I took on quite a challenging story. It is particularly challenging for me for a variety of reasons.

First, the codebase that is involved is written primarily in C++. When I was at school I used the C programming language a fair amount and I felt reasonably comfortable with it. That was then though. I dove into the challenge of learning a new language happily; I have wanted to learn c++ for a while now.

The other big challenge with this project is that I have to use this new language to write an IPMI LANPLUS client using the OpenIPMI library. This means that I also need to learn the IPMI v2 specification - a 500 or so page PDF - and the OpenIPMI library - a 250 page document.

I might very well be in over my head. Luckily I have been making steady progress - albeit slow - and my colleagues are fairly understanding.

Here’s hoping I don’t crash and burn…

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