I’m getting old and rebuilding my website.

Twenty seven years old… Fuck me… Let’s see what we can make of this year.


Yesterday I decided to try out a standing desk for a bit at home. A number of people have tried it at work and like it. They’ve even found a desktop contraption that allows you to easily swap between standing and sitting. I’m waiting to see one of those in the office, I believe they’ve ordered a handful of them. I have a bunch of boxes at home that I could build up a desk with on the uber cheap, like $0 cheap.

So, I got a few boxes out of my closet and stacked them under my keyboard. I also moved my monitor to the top shelf of my desk. It was pretty easy to get things to the right height. I was even able to get the joystick for KSP to fit onto the desk properly. Gotta have KSP!

So far, between yesterday and today I’ve used it for a handful of hours. I’ve also needed to take frequent and substantial breaks to give my feet or lower back a rest. In order to try and avoid having super tired feet I change my shoes or switch to going bearfoot every couple of hours. This helps but I still get lower back strain after a while. I think after all the streching I’ve done though that my back is starting to get looser, so that’s good. If I’m really going to be serious about this I’ll have to get a softer bad to stand on. Perhaps the memory foam mattress might do to help avoid tiring my feet out.

All in all I don’t think I hate it, but I do think I need to muscle through the first bit and let my body get used to it. From the people that I talked to at work it does take a bit of getting used to, a bit like breaking in a new pair of shoes.

As side note, I think I’ve decided to give pelican and fabric a more serious look for maintaining my website. I want something python, RST, and customizeable but I’m too damn lazy to write my own, even after spending a fair time designing it it my head.

That may mean that my oldest posts in this blog repository will be converted into a set of flat text files as an old archive. I’ll try to make it available in the new website but new content will be the main focus. As this is my first blag entry of 2014 I’ll try to make this the first bit of content on the new pelican website.

Excuse me now, as I go make some herbal tea then sit and rest my feet with my linux kernel book for a bit before I start on creating the pelican project.

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