Some people practice the act of regifting, or giving an item which was given to you as a gift to somebody else as a gift. Others frown upon this sort of thing. Myself, I take a line somewhere in the middle.

I find that I have a fairly pragmatic view of regifting. If the gift is something you’ll never use then its existence might actually be better served by giving it to somebody who would use it. Now, the reason I decided to write on this topic is not quite because I’m regifting something but becaues I’m taking a game I was given and donating it to a silent auction at work.

The silent auction is for raising money for a summer work outing. The gift was the boardgame clue. I believe it was given to me by my brother for either a birthday or Christmas. It was not a bad gift, its just that the boardgame clue requires 3 people minimum to play, and I live alone. Over the few years since it was given to me, not only did I not use it, I didn’t even open the plastic wrapping on the box. Thus, I thought it would be a perfect candidate for the silent auction.

Here’s to hoping that my brother doesn’t mind.

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