If you are looking to discover new music from unheard of artists, looking for new podcast material, or even looking for a place to post your own recordings, you need to go and check out soundcloud. Do it… Trust me… All the cool kids are doing it…


For the longest time I’ve been following this online comedy duo, Rhett and Link, on youtube. They do a bunch of musical comedy as well as a daily podcast called Good Mythical Morning of which I never miss an episode. On youtube they have a number of channels with different content on each so go explore, you won’t regret it.

A while back, Rhett and Link started recording an audio only podcast once a week. It’s called Ear Biscuits and can be found on soundcloud every Friday.

I’ve always liked the idea of podcasts but never really got into the groove of listening to them on a regular basis. That is until now. In Ear Biscuits, Rhett and Link talk with various online personalities about how they got started online and what life being an online celebrity is like. The thing is, often, the guests are either really well known online or I’ve never heard of them. That could be a reflection on my internet viewing habits though. Regardless I find the show is worth a listen.

The other interesting aspect of Soundcloud which convinced me to sign up, is the focus on giving people a venue to show off their own audio content. Not that I want to start a podcast or anything, but I do have a digital music recorder and have always wanted to do more recordings of my guitar playing. My problem is that if I’m not going to be showing the recordings to people I find a hard time getting motivated to actually spend time on the recordings. So my thought process was that maybe I should start uploading my recorded jams to soundcloud, and maybe that will motivate me to do some better quality recordings and even get back into writing.

I practice guitar almost every day, and I have a ton of interesting ideas for material. I just need to get the motivation to sit down and write songs again. Perhaps finding a venue for those songs could motivate me to get back into doing more recordings. Only time will tell.

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