Ever get the feeling that you are a complete idiot? … Yeah, me too.

My latest task at work is a big one. At least to me it feels like a big one. Ever since joining EMC I’ve done 99% of my work in python. Even my personal projects have all been in python. My current task though, is in C++11 and the codebase is not exactly trivial. It took me a couple of days worth of searching to find how a particular bit of code was being linked in and used.

I’ve picked up the latest C++11 book by Bjarne Stroustrup and have started reading that in my spare time. I’ve also got a small-ish python code base that I’m going to convert to C++11. I’m doing the best I can to learn what I need to, but I’m still not sure if it will be enough.

Hopefully I can make some demonstrable progress soon; our sprint is already half over and I have nothing to show.

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