I think I need to take up yoga or something…

At work we make a not-insignificant effort to set our desks up in an ergonomic way. I have a handful of stretches and exercises that I’ve been doing since I pinched a nerve in my shoulder about a year ago. I wear orthotics and am carefull about buying only good supportive footwear.

All this aside, I can’t seem to relieve the tension in my back, shoulders and neck. That and it would be a good activity to get me out of the house every once in a while.

I think the tricky part will be choosing where to go and which class to take. I mean, I guess I could do quite a bit on my own at home but I feel that if I were to pay somebody for classes it would motivate me to actually go and do the work out. In the past I’ve decided that gyms are too expensive and about as fun for me as a meat-market-nightclub playing dubstep. So I make some resolution to work out at home once or twice a week, maybe I go buy some equipment like weights or a chin-up bar, and then I proceed to promptly forget the whole ordeal like it was a dream.

After a bit of a google search and looking through yelp recommendations I found this studio called Yogalife. I’m thinking I should stop by after work and see what the deal is about.

Maybe I’ll become a Yogi and start stealing pic-a-nik baskets…

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