A lady touched me today.

OK, so I had to pay for it but I guess that’s what you should expect when you visit a massage therapist.

At the massage place that I go to the masseuse that you get depends on how you book the appointment. They use this website for scheduling appointments called Schedulicity. It makes booking an appointment much easier because you can see openings in their schedule. It also allows you to see which masseuse you will have if you book an appointment in a particular time slot.

So far the masseuse hasn’t really mattered to me, so I have booked appointments in time slots that are most convenient to me. Unfortunately today, that backfired. The masseuse that I had today had a habit of talking to herself and mumbling. She commented frequently about the color of my skin and such like that. It makes it hard to relax under those conditions. I guess in the future I will have to pay attention to which masseuse I am booking an appointment with.

Now I’m going to go take a load off because my therapist (read: massage therapist) said so.

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