Yesterday, I dismantled my shower head and cleaned out the calcium build up with a bit of CLR.

My shower this morning was AMAZING!

Last week I spent a few nights in a couple of different hotels. The hotel experience is always interesting but I’ve found that regardless of the quality of the rest of the hotel, good pressure in the shower makes a huge difference. The last thing a person wants after a long day of driving is a piddly little stream of lukewarm water out of the end of the shower head.

When I got home, I had all of the things that I missed while at a hotel, except my showers were crappy. It was down to a few confined streams that weren’t always pointing in the same direction.

All I did was unscrew the shower head from the fixture and remove a screw from the showerhead’s backside. This allowed me to split the showerhead and get to the inside. I then soaked just the front faceplate, with all the holes, in a straight CLR solution. The bottle says to use 50/50 water, CLR but I find that straight works better for this application. I used an old toothbrush to scrub away any calcium I could get at, then I rinsed everything and put it back together.

The operation only took about 15 minutes of work if you neglect the 2 hours of soak time that I gave it.

In my shower this morning, every hole in the faceplate was a full blown stream of hot water. Just the way it should be. The water pressure in my building is pretty good so now I have an awesome shower!

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