About a decade ago I purchased a 19 inch computer monitor. Today, I have put it into retirement.

Today I purchased a 23 inch computer monitor. It is a replacement for my old 19 inch monitor which I have had for about a decade.

The size of the new monitor is large enough that I can go from a resolution of 1024x768 to 1920x1050, a marked improvement. Unfortunately, I’m only using my onboard graphics card which means I can only drive two monitors - my TV and the new monitor. I was fooling around online I found that there are some small form-factor video cards that are pretty cheap nowadays. If I ever have some cash burning a hole in my pocket I might consider that, or I might just consider getting an SSD. I really, really like having a second monitor at work but I would also really, really like the quick boot times and quick load times of an SSD.

I have already played some KSP on the new monitor so it’s time for me to go and do some chores. This evening I will find out how the new monitor deals with text, as I will be practicing my c++ chops.

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