Whelp, that week dissapated quickly. Why didn’t I get anything accomplished?

I guess that’s unfair; lots of things happened, just none of them very special.

I went to the optometrists for my yearly checkup. Everything looks good there, no prescription changese or anything else. I did learn that I have a birth mark on my left retina right underneath or next to my optic nerve. I thought that was a bit interesting. I had never considered that birthmarks could appear in other places than just skin.

Thursday morning, at about 5am, I made one of the worst discoveries to make at that time of the morning… I was out of TP! Ok, so it isn’t really the next apocalypse but it isn’t pleasant either to have to deal with. It was early enough in the morning that I was going to try and go back to sleep again. No dice.

At work, for the last few weeks, I have been attempting to learn C++, learn a brand new codebase written in C++, learn the IPMIv2 specification (a >600 page document) and learn how to use the OpenIPMI driver. All of that learning is so that I can implement a Lanplus client for our product. None of these things by themselves would be too overwealming, but I have been finding that all those pieces tend to really make this a painful project. I actually made much better progress than I expected. I can open a connection to the BMC but how to send a command and receive its response still eludes me. Hopefully one of my peers will have some insights that will help.

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