The August long weekend is here.

Yesterday, I successfully achieved… nothing. It’s ok though; that was the plan. The weather was hot so I went for a walk around my neighborhood. On my way home I stopped by the liquor store for a treat.

Loud label of the most chocolate, chocolate stout I've ever had.

The Flying Monkeys, The Chocolate Manifest, Triple Chocolate Stout was super good. It is easily the most chocolate tasting chocolate beer I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend it!

In some different news, they have started work on window and exterior replacement at the office. I’ve started to take some pictures of the interesting process:

To replace the windows they need to move the cubicles that are right against the windows. That’s pretty obvious. To minimize work interruptions they are going to do one of the building’s walls at a time. We have enough empty cubicles around the office to sustain this type of algorithm. To separate the work on the walls from our work in the cubicles, they first moved the cubicle partitions and then built a temporary wall between us and the exterior. It will be interesting to see how this progresses and I will continue to take pictures and document the process.

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