Finally got another hit to satiate my habit. I acquired a new bluetooth keyboard today to use with my tablet as a replacement of my eeepc laptop.

As far as I can tell the model is just ‘Logitech Tablet Keyboard’. It is a small keyboard with flat keys. The key experience isn’t the reason you buy this thing… just sayin’. At the top of the keybord there is a bulge that goes the width of the device and acts to both add some angle to the keys and also make room for the four AAA batteries. The rest of the keyboard is about half a centimeter thick. Despite its small stature it doesn’t lack for keys because a function button makes most of the keys do double duty. As far as I can tell, all of the keys work so far on my Nexus 5.

I was wondeing why the third flap was so complicated. I finally realized that the center of the flap slides out to adjust the angle of the tablet to make the setup even better!

Not everybody has the same desires or needs as I do. For me though, I think that this setup should satisfy my current needs. I haven’t tended to use my laptop for more than writing, reading, internet browsing and a few other tablet-y things. With the bluetooth keyboard I can write better, faster and also I can write more. With an ssh client I should be able to do most of what I might want to do with a laptop.

As an afterthouht I guess I might want to figure out how to update my website when my home PC is off. Maybe I need to revisit the idea of running a cronjob on my hosted webserver that executes my update script with an active python distribution and a compatible python git port. This would completely remove the need to have a daemon running on my home PC all the time. Updates will follow…

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