My eeepc is on its last legs. I have opened it up. I sprayed it with compressed air. I have reinstalled the operating system and still, it overheats after a few minutes of use and is relatively slow compared with even my phone.

For most of my computing needs I’m perfectly happy using my desktop. I now have a standing desk setup that I enjoy, and a brand new monitor to make things look good. Sometimes though I would like to be able to sit in my bed, or on the couch, or out on the deck and write a blog post or do some similar simple computing task.

In my second or third year of university I purchased an eeepc. It was great for school because of its size and I managed to get Linux running on it so it was all that I needed. It is now 4 or 5 years old and has seen better days. The standard smartphone on the market now has the same amount of power and memory as old eeepc anyway.

Lately I have been using my tablet for a lot of things instead of the eeepc. It turns out that the tablet does pretty much what I need. If I need something more something that my tablet doesn’t do I always have my desktop to fall back on.

The only real downside with using a tablet for these types of things is that the on screen keyboard is a little bit annoying to use over a long period of time. Using the voice recognition on the Google keyboard helps quite a bit but things like saying the word "period" start doing weird things like inserting punctuation rather than the word itself. I’ve been looking around and there are a handful of Bluetooth keyboards on the market that look pretty compelling. In combination with an app that adds the Dvorak keyboard layout this might be a good compromise for me instead of spending $1000 on a new laptop.

I might pop out to a few stores today and see what they have in stock.

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