So much for making my trip painless. The plan was to fly to Kelowna, landing at 8am today and then enjoy the long weekend. I guess the plan is changing.

Everything was going according to plan up to the point where everybody was onboard the plane and the crew was almost ready to do the safety skit. The captain said a few words over the radio about needing to ‘restart the system’ then all the power on the plane was turned off for a few seconds. Afterwards, all the systems sounded like they were back up and running, but instead the captain made another announcement, "The plane needs a new part, which has to be flown up from Calgary. That’s too long for everybody to sit on the plane so we are going to deplane. Your new departure time is 10:00".

So, instead of coffee in Kelowna I’m having another Tim Horton’s and loitering in the airport. At least there is Wi-Fi here!

In related news, I calculated my vacation time for the year. Gautam has decided to take every Friday off for the rest of the year to use up his days. I might consider doing the same. I need to take 14 more days off before years end to ensure that I don’t lose any days! or maybe I’ll take a week and go somewhere hot…

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