Maybe I didn’t sleep enough, or maybe I’m finally noticing the status quo. Either way, this morning I noticed a few weird things that made me chuckle on my way to work.

When I left my apartment this morning I passed a fellow on the sidewalk while walking to my car. He was maybe 60 or 70 and was taking his dog for a walk. The dog was maybe 50-60 pounds, elderly but healthy looking. The dog had one of those big 5 point harnesses instead of a simple collar and there was a long leash hanging off the harness. Despite this though, the man - for some reason - decided he needed to carry the dog. I watched him carry the dog a full block to the park. When they got to the grassy field he put the dog down.

Ok so maybe there was some logical reason for this, but I still thought it was weird. In the grand scheme of weird things this one isn’t too weird. The other weird thing I saw was even weirder than that though.

At the intersection of 34Ave and 111St I saw what I believe to have been an Asian lady on a moped. What made it weird was that first, instead of a helmet she wore a medical mask over her face and second she was sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the cross walk… On a road legal moped. Now I might not be a cop or whatever but I’m pretty sure that’s not the way it’s supposed to work.

Alright fine. These aren’t r/WTF worthy or even really all that crazy. Like I said in the intro, perhaps I’m losing my mind a little this morning.

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