I think it’s safe to say that we nerds in the cubicle farm portion of the office have had a handful of questions on our minds since they built the temporary plywood wall between our cubes and the side of the building that they are working on.

I think the main question that comes to mind is about the schedule. Are they going to make it? The people along the west wall have been shuffled around to other areas of the building to make room for the construction area. Well, the old windows are still in the wall and I think they only started tearing down blinds and stuff yesterday. Whether that is on schedule or not remains to be seen. According to the posted schedule the South wall will be moved in about 2-3 weeks and I think that’s when the west wall is planned to move back to their cubes (I might be mistaken on the move back date). I guess it could just be that they’ve been doing prep-work and that the actual replacement will go quickly. I’ve also heard rumors about delays in receiving the new windows to begin with… I just hope we have an enclosed building by the time it gets really cold.

Another question that we’ve had is how are they going to do the south side of the building. The ramp to the parkade is in the way making the drop on the south side of the building not only taller than 2 or 3 stories but also not flat. That was an easy answer though, the lifts that they are using have enough reach that they can park over by Syphay and just reach across the ramp.

The other question that I’ve had about the construction is related to dust. They built the plywood partition but the ends of the wall are still open and there are two doors built into the wall as well. I was wondering if the plan was to hang plastic across the gaps or something along those lines to prevent dust from getting into our computer systems and such. I guess I got at least part of my answer yesterday.

Great door hanging... Don't doors typically have more than one hinge?

They found some roughly rectangular plywood and some hinges and hung some doors yesterday. I get the feeling it was an afterthought. Let’s just say it’s good these guys are not building a set of cabinets…

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