A list of links to help Rachel in her search for a laptop.

The laptops I’ve linked to here are just a small list of laptops that caught my eye after the conversation we had the other day. Basically everything these days has bluetooth and an HDMI output.

It turns out that 13" laptops are less common on the market than I thought and the ones that are available usually are marked up (because they are small and sexy I guess?). So for the value I’ve tended to list more 14" and 15" laptops here.

Currently my recommendation for you would be the VivoBook (S551LN-DS71T-CA) mainly because you are getting lots of hardware for your money while staying under the $1K price point. It’s more than you need, to be sure, the SSD will house the operating system and most of your programs and the other harddrive will hold all your files. Since the SSD is fast that means loading of programs will be pretty quick, as will booting up the computer. A 1T drive is also more than you need but for the price it’s pretty snazzy. It’ll let you download lots of stuff to watch without needing to prune things to make room.

Regardless of where you go I think the hardware with the best value will come with Windows 8 these days. Fortunately this means the hardware often will come with a touchscreen. Although I’m not sure how I would ever use the touchscreen for the things that I do, my dad has a Win. 8 touchscreen laptop and I think he likes using it. If the software you need can run in Windows 8 you are likely to find your best value for what you want.

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