I’ve decided to change string guages on my new 7 string guitar.

I had to go out and buy new strings for my 7 string today because this weekend I broke a string. Oddly enough it was the same string that I broke the first weekend after I bought the guitar. Even odder than that is that the string broke during the same bend in the same song as it did the weekend after I bought the guitar.

So that got me to thinking… I have been using D’Addario strings for years on all of my guitars. I had D’Addarios on the 7 string too. The only difference was that I use 10s on my other guitars but the 7 string came from the factory with a set of 9s on them. Since the bridge is a floating bridge it isn’t exactly a trivial matter to swap guages so I hadn’t done that yet.

I decided to take the plunge and change guages anyways. I’m comfortable with 10s and so it makes sense to stick with what I know. Also, I’m hoping that it’s the 1 thousandths of an inch difference in string diameter that prevents me from breaking strings on my other guitars.

The strings I picked up today are 10s.

… on a side note I should name my new guitar…

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