I bought myself a new toy to both challenge myself and to open up new possibilities. It fulfills a long standing wish of mine to have a few choice bits of kit on a guitar.

Whelp, as usual, I’ve failed to be consistent in writing blog posts. Can I make the excuse that things just got busy? No? I don’t care, I’m using it no matter what you say.

The week before thanksgiving I went out and bought myself a guitar. I had been visiting Long and McQuade for about 3 weeks before that, all to visit this one guitar. I was interested in a 7 string guitar so that I could start learning some of the metal that I’ve been listening to recently. I played all of the 7 strings that were at the store but only this one really jumped out at me, partially because of the way it played and partially due to a few bits of kit that I have also beet wishing for for a few years.

The guitar is a Jackson Soloist 7-string. I believe the color is red flamed maple, although the color didn’t really factor into my choice. The neck is what I call a choked neck because it’s as if Homer choked it for being so good looking. The result is that it’s super easy to play and feels quick and small even though it is wider to accomodate the extra string.

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