Went to a metal concert with some guys from work on Friday night. Faces were melted, minds were blown, and it was just a messy time all round.

The show was a dual headline between Devin Townsend and Animals as Leaders and the opener was Monuments. I was supremely pleased with the line up. Duel headline means that Devin and Animals would swap orders from show to show; on Friday Animals closed the show.

I got pretty excited when I found out Monuments was the opening band because I’ve Brenn listening to a few of their albums over the last few months. It’s not too unexpected though because I discovered Monuments through a ‘you might like’ type link somewhere online. They played a few songs that I recognized and they solid on almost all of their timing.

Next Devin came out with his "project" and played a really tight show. Like Monuments there was some new stuff but also some familiar stuff so that was pretty neat. Devin does a great job playing off of the crowd and the small venue made that part of the show feel pretty small if you weren’t stick in the mosh pit.

Finally Animals as Leaders took to the stage. They’re just a drum kit and two 8 string guitars but I swear that those three guys played more notes in a single show than the whole string and wind sections might play during a symphony. In fairly sure that I even noticed Tosin Abasi use a loop pedal for a few sections.

I’d go and see any of those three bands again in a heartbeat. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

As a bit of a tangent, I have finally gone and uploaded some recordings to SoundCloud. You can find them by searching for my name. I’d post a link but I’m writing this on my phone and feel to lazy at this second. The recordings are just one shot, single track recordings done on my tablet so I can stay to track some of my progress. Eventually, I would like to get a condenser mike and do some better quality recordings.

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