We are near the end of November already and winter has landed in Edmonton and it’s here to stay until spring now.

I guess I have neglected to write any updates over the last month or so. "Things have been uber busy at work", would be my excuse of choice except that that has been quite true for me since I joined the platform team. So I guess I’ll just use, "I’m bad at remembering to write in my blog", instead.

A bunch of stuff has happened over the last month or so, let’s see what I can remember…

Back in October I had calculated my vacation accruals for the year. It turns out that I’m poor at taking random days off. Between November and December I needed to take close to 15 days worth of vacation time. Our company only allows us to carry over 10 days of vacation which is a pretty good indicator that I have failed to take much vacation at all this year. So to make sure that I don’t lose all of that vacation time I now get to work four day weeks for the rest of the year. I also have taken almost a full two weeks off at Christmas. It’s going to be very different over the next few weeks working only 4 days out of 5. Next year I will definitely need to take more random long weekends to make sure that I use up my vacation time.

Speaking of Christmas and New Years it looks like I will be back in Edmonton for New Years this year. I will have to touch base with Craig and see what kind of parties will be happening that evening.

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