December crept up on me silently and jumped me from behind. It’s now less than a week from Xmas and I’m just starting to clear the fog and wake up to the season.

Yesterday, I flew from Edmonton to Kelowna to kick off almost two weeks of vacation. The flight stopped in Calgary but luckily I didn’t have to get off the plane. The airports seemed to be less busy than I expected for this time of year, even though the flights were all full.

Actually, yesterday was the first time I had seen every gate agent prefix the boarding announcement with a plea for people to voluntarily check their carry-ons due to limited overhead space on the planes. From news announcements earlier this fall, I half expected WestJet to be charging $25 to check even one bag. So, I was a bit surprised that not only did they not charge me that fee, they were offering to check your carry on as a second piece for free. I have no idea what the deal is - perhaps they are leaving things as is for the holidays - but all I can really say is that I hope things are the same for my flight home.

Xmas shopping? Nope, not done yet. My superhuman skill of procrastination strikes again…

Our family - in Kelowna, it’s my dad’s side - have been doing a gift exchange rather than everybody giving gifts to everybody else. The way it worked last time was that we each brought our wrapped gifts, then we drew cards or played some game to identify someone to start. The first person then chooses one item from all the exchange gifts and opens it. The next person gets to choose between stealing an unwrapped gift that somebody already opened or opening a new gift. If they steal, then the person they stole from gets to open a new gift. This year our exchange gifts are set at $30 per gift.

The exchange gift of the only one I have ready. I know what I am getting my brother, I just need to finish shopping for it. However, looking for my parents is always hard. I have a few little ideas though so we will see what I can find here in Kelowna.

The condo is slowly waking up, coming alive, now this morning so I’ll sign off here.

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