Welcome to 2015! It’s a new year.

Just a quick note to ring in the new year. The day before new years eve I went to Memory Express and nailed a wicked deal on an SSD. I feel slightly guilty now but I also bought a GTX970 video card and a large PC case. I then rebuilt the little PC of mine and it is now even more of a beast than before!

For the previous generation of games I had an Xbox 360. It was great, still is, and it still works. I own 29 titles for the platform and I was a Xbox Live Gold member from day one too. The used game section at EB games kept things affordable for me and running linux, I never needed to spend any money on my PC that way.

Then came the Xbox One. Everything looked pretty snazzy about it. It was tempting to me. Over Christmas I found that my brother got one and I got to investigate if it was what I wanted. Long story short, it isn’t.

Short story long, the first and biggest problem I see with the Xbox One right now is the hard drive. On paper it is a 500Gb hard drive. Ok fine. In reality, it is not removeable and replacing it requires voiding your warranty. How is that a problem you say? Whelp, to start the system runs 3 OS’s technically. Not really a problem, it’s common in my job to have a hyperviser OS that hosts more than one (in this case 2) virtual machine OS’s. In the One, the VM OS’s are for the game that is playing and the app dashboard respectively. Again, no problem until you see that somehow that code takes up 170Gb of space on the drive. Then you add that every game is required to be installed on the hard drive to the tune of 5-45Gb per game and you start to see a problem. If you are like my brother and you have a girlfriend you may want to install some games for her like a kinect dancing game or some other fun kinect games. These tend to be small in size so lets call that 30Gb for her. Then, again, if you are like my bro, you like the AAA games yourself. So you want GTA5 and the latest and greatest COD and the new Far Cry and Titanfall and whatever else looks fancy. 40Gb each. 30 + 40 * 4 = 150Gb on just your first few titles.

The installation for the largest games took 8 hours and future expansion hard drives will be limited to USB3 speeds. The future is not strong with this one.

In one fell swoop with my PC upgrade lets me match the performance of the Xbox, I have crazy upgrade futures ahead and I have a steam account that I’ll be rocking for 2015. KSP was only the start, I’m going to start with some old titles to tide me over until I have moved and then I can start to play some games…

Speaking of my move I’ll try to remember to document it better. I’m going to try and see about leaving my eeepc running for a longer time with the intention of using it as an ssh server for my tablet. That way I can just use connectbot and tmux… I hope :)

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