I know that is a weird statement coming from me. My job is essentially maintaining a minimal SLES OS with a number of proprietary modifications. However, I’ve been playing with Fedora 21 on my PC over the last few weeks and I’m thouroughly impressed.

So yes, I think linux may just be winning me over… again!

I’ve been playing around with Fedora 21 and I’ve really been enjoying it. Everything that I want to get working just seems to work well. When I installed my new video card I wasn’t sure I was going to get it working 100% in ‘nix but it seems to be purring away just fine with the latest Nvidia drivers.

I even went as far as installing vmplayer 7, and creating a windows 7 VM, then I installed Steam and Space Engineers. I just spent an hour in space engineers with little problem. If the other, relatively old games that I have work as good as Space Engineers in the VM then I have no real reason to reboot into windows right now.

I’ll keep my Windows install healthy so I can use it for heavier gaming when I get around to picking up some newer titles. However, for day to day stuff I have found no reason not to use linux as my main OS for now.

Sorry Windows, you lasted almost 9 months as my main OS, but you do too much messed up stuff for me to really like you.

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