Things are happening! I got a new apartment for February, and tonight we are celebrating Robbie Burns with scotch and haggis!

I’m looking forward to tonight. I haven’t had haggis in quite a few years, and obviously I’m looking forward to drinking a bunch of different scotches! I think I’ll take at least my 18yr Glenlivet, and possibly a second scotch to share.

As usual I’m really looking forward to seeing the dogs over at Zach’s tonight too! :)

As for the end of the month, I will have two apartments. I found a place over in the King Edward neighbourhood - between Whyte Ave and Argyll before they become the Sherwood Park freeway. Boardwalk will be receiving my 30 day notice early next week.

Next week I also need to get the details for my new apartment so I can set up power and internet and start changing all of my addresses.

Moving is not something I’m looking forward to, mostly because of the address changing! At least this gives me no excuse for throwing out a bunch of junk I don’t really need anymore.

More details, and possibly pictures will be posted later. Stay tuned!

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