My experience with Fedora has so far been superb. My experience with Fedora after attempting to get my new video card working is now fantasmic!

After installing Fedora 21 on my recently upgrade PC I decided to try and tackle the video card drivers. In the past this has always been a sticky situation as the history of Nouveau vs Nvidia drivers is quite rocky.

As is contrary to my normal habit I decide to dive straight into installing the latest beta from NVidia manually and ran into issues. First it couldn’t locate the kernels (because I didn’t have the sources or build dependencies installed) and then it wouldn’t compile.

I eventually decided that I’d just try the latest driver from rpmFusion, and if that didn’t work I would re-install and try Rawhide (the fedora dev repos). So with rpmFusion already installed I just ran:

sudo yum install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia

The install succeeded and I happily noticed that the NVidia Beta v343.36 driver was already in the repo.

Trying to not be too optimistic I rebooted and viola! everything works! After disabling the "Sync to VBlank" option under "X Screen 0 -> OpenGL Settings" in the NVidia X Server Settings dialogue (the program is named "nvidia-settings") I am now getting a cool 37000-38000 FPS out of glxgears!

Woot! Next up, we try steam and KSP in linux!

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