Three year relationships are normally painful to end. Often the end is messy and emotional. In the case of my relationship with Boardwalk though, I am ecstatic.

Boardwalk has been the worst landlord I’ve ever dealt with, but now I am free of their oppression. The keys have been handed in and the inspection has been completed.

Now, I wait.

Wait, to see whether or not I’m going to have to fight with them to get my security deposit back.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that there was a problem with the inspection that concerns me about their returning my deposit; I have a copy of the inspection sheet that indicates there is no damage.

My concern is with the ability of the person in that rental office to do the paper work correctly without messing up. Their track record is already fairly dismal.

After my first 12 month lease ended, I went to the rental office to have a new lease drawn up. The person in the office was able to pull up a PDF of a lease with the wrong details (like wrong dates, wrong apartment, etc) and that was about they were able to achieve. I needed to go back the next day when a different person was working. So I did. And that different person was also unable to get the details on the lease correct. It took them 7 business days to do up a lease renewal for an existing tenant.

How do you justify paying the wages of 3-4 office workers at an apartment complex Rental Office who are unable to put a lease together? Perhaps I’m naive, but other than collecting rent what else is their job?

If you are looking at moving into a new rental place in the Edmonton area, do not settle for a place managed by Boardwalk. You will regret it, just like I did.

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