The last few days have been exhausting. The movers came on Friday and I have been unpacking and setting up the new apartment this weekend.

I took Thursday and Friday off of work and I also have Monday off because of Family day. As usual, my procrastination tendencies meant that I spent all day Thursday - both day and night - packing up and getting ready for the movers Friday morning.

I tried to do most of the noisy stuff before it got too late because I really did keep working through most of Thursday night, Friday morning. I think it was about 3:45am when I decided to hit a pillow for a quick refresher; I set my alarm for 6:00am and was out hard.

It was tough waking myself up after only 2 hours and change of sleep but there was work to do.

When the movers showed up at 9 o’clock sharp, I had the living room and most of the spare bedroom complete. While the guys loaded that stuff onto the truck I finished packing up my bedroom and wrapping the mattresses. I didn’t bother with most of the kitchen because a) there wasn’t enough time for me to get it ready for the movers and b) I don’t have too much stuff in the kitchen anyways.

My Shaw account was scheduled to switch addresses on Friday too. I was worried that it wouldn’t go smoothly because I’ve had bad experiences with Telus in the past during moves. Really though, I’ve never had any complaints about Shaw’s service; my only complaint about them was that they used to call me twice a month to try and sell me something. It took 4 individual complaints to get that to stop….

Despite my scramble to finish packing, I had the idea to pack the modem and router and required cables in a separate bag so that I could easily find it. So, after the movers left I hooked up the modem to see if my service had switched over. It was a pleasant surprise when the little green light came on and my tablet was able to get the internet. It was even more pleasent when the speedtest came back reasonably positive (for a wifi device anyways) at 41Mbps by 3.75Mbps. Frankly, I think that is even faster than the average speed I could get at my last apartment, maybe Shaw’s infrastructure is more robust or under less use in this neighborhood.

Then on Saturday I went shopping and picked up a small shovel (it snowed almost a foot and I wanted to clear my deck and parking spot), a new windshield wiper blade, and a Swiffer Wetjet. I now understand what all the fuss was about when they first came out. When I first tried the WetJet it took ten minutes and two pads later and my all hardwood/tile floor apartment was squeaky clean again.

After shopping, I stopped by the old apartment and packed up most of my kitchen stuff. All that really is left at the old place is some tea, my whiteboards, a small drawer unit full of RC and electronic parts and my suit (I think). There is also a bunch of final cleaning to do before I can hand in my keys and be done with boardwalk and my old place. But there’s time for that.

Now though, my coffee cup is empty. My most important priority for this morning… Caffeine

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