I’m learning to use my teeth; the ‘mostly harmless’ tag is in the process of being shaken off!

In my Lakon Type-6 I had the rare goods trading routes down solid. I was able to fully outfit the T6 with all the top quality gear that I could find. After outfitting the T6 I went back to Leesti to continue investing in my Cobra that I had stored there.

When I had the Sidewinder, Hauler, and Cobra ships as my main ride, my focus was on trading. I was trying to make enough money to be able to have a profitable set of trading routes before attempting some of the riskier gameplay. As such, the Cobra was configured for trading rather than combat so I had to purchase a new shield generator, power systems, kill warrant scanner and new weapons.

With a newly outfitted Cobra, I took off to the nearest Nav Beacon to see what this Bounty Hunting thing was all about.

The first system I tried was fairly peaceful. In the second system though I must have come across 10 or 15 different wanted ships. I still have some vouchers to return but in the first hour or two of Bounty Hunting I made a decent ~200K credits or so.

In the short term I want to rack up enough kills to get rid of the "Mostly Harmless" tag that the game has given me. I have the tag because (according to the wiki) I still have fewer than 75 kills. However, I do have around half of that amount already and, if the second half is as profitable as the first, then it’ll be worth my time to shoot down a few more bogeys. Perhaps this time I’ll risk the illicit goods fine and pick up some of the cargo that the scum I kill drop…

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