Recently, I’ve worked on a few defects at work that have involved some linux subsystems that are not as familiar to me as I’d like. To improve my own knowledge I think I should spend some time over the next couple of quarters learning about these new pieces of software.

To start, LVM and BTRFS have intrigued me for a while. We have some BTRFS partitions on our product, but currently we are just using them as if they were an ext filesystem. I want to explore the various features provided by LVM and BTRFS. Also, along those lines I believe Grub2 has some hooks for BTRFS to enable things like recovery after an attempted kernel upgrade.

The other subsystem that I want to learn more about is iptables. IPTables is what defines how a network packet is handled within linux and I’d like to have a better understanding of what this means in various situations. Part of my job is to maintain/design the networking rules for our product so I want to understand as much as I can about the area.

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