Whelp, that was a good year.

23Gb of free space is slipping away. It was good while it lasted, but it was only a 12 month gift anyway.

When I bought my phone - HTC One - and sync’ed it to Dropbox they sent me an email saying, "Hey, Go look at what we did to your Dropbox account!" It was a 12 month gift or something from an agreement that HTC had with Dropbox at the time.

I’ve been putting all the pictures from my website in my Dropbox. By now, when the books, PDFs and other small files are included my account is using around 3Gb. This means I need to change a few scripts and move some files around so that I can still build my website, use Dropbox to add pictures, and stay under the 2Gb limit of Dropbox.

By extension that also means I’m going to have to "break" my website building scripts. The site will stay up, but I will not be updating it until I’ve fixed some things.

See ya on the flip side!

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