I’ve been working on an idea for a game over the last while. I now think that the idea has enough traction that I want to take a swing at it. So I’m launching the project as open source now, not because I can, but because I want to.


A space game where the player manages a space fairing civilization and battles various challenges in growing their empire.

The project was started as a side project after a number of years of thinking about the concept. The concept may not be especially new but some of the design ideas were chosen due to frustrations that I found in similar games.

Games are always the stereotypical project for a computer nerd to work on, but in my defense it will provide lots of room for me to learn new technologies. To start, this is my first major project in strict python 3. Then in the future I will want to learn how to add a database back end of some sort and a client/server model or some sort of distributed mechanism to enable multiple players. Also different user interface options will be open; from GUI development (i.e. 3d graphics in pygame, or even just GUI work in QT or other framework) to different types of web interfaces or even a mobile app for droid the user interface options are almost all foreign to me.

There is lots of work to do before I get to version 0.1 (i.e. walking skeleton, or just the bare minimum working) so the version is firmly planted at 0.0 for now.

Also, just for now, I’m not going to accept any merge requsets. Once I reach 0.1 I will start considering merge requests on a case by case basis. This is so that I can start to express my ideas and my goals without outside interference. By all means, please file issues and provide feedback. Unless it’s a glaring issue that needs to be resolved now, it’ll probably wait until version 0.1 though.

More links and maybe a dedicated page on this website will be added at some point in the near future.

P.S. While on the topic of releasing projects, I want to mention that I’m working on cleaning up the repositories that I build this website out of. I want to release as much of the automation and design work that I have done to suplement the various 3rd party projects that I’ve used for this website as an open source project too.

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