E-Readers are a hell of a thing. I love being able to carry my body weight in books inside a device that weighs the same as my cell phone.

When I was at school it was almost ideal. I had found a number of my textbooks in digital versions so that I could have them as references at any time and at any place that I took my E-Reader.

I’m no longer at school now so I don’t tend to carry as many text books around; however, I still read a lot. In the past year or so I’ve read an average of just over 1 book a week.

When you read so much, you need to find new material. I don’t have a problem finding books that I want to read, the trick is in finding digital versions that are decent quality.

I just tried to read an old Star Wars book "Han Solo at Stars End" but I think it was digitized using a very poor text recognition system or a very poor typist. After "Hah and Chummie" flew the "Millenial Fulcrum" through the "Kennel" run I had to call it quits and find a new book… So dissapointing.

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