Yesterday, after at least 5 or more years of avoiding 3D movies, I broke my streak and saw the new avengers movie.

Review in a phrase:

The movie:
Action packed, everything you need in a superhero flick
The 3D experience:
Degraded shot quality in return for slightly nauseating depth effects. Adds nothing to the story, while detracting from the visual quality of the scene.

That pretty much sums it up. The movie was awesome. The character development leaned heavily on the other superhero movies of the past decade. Since the individual foundation stories have already been covered, this story gets right down to business right off the top.

However, I feel that seeing it in 3D only takes away from the experience. The picture quality in 3D seems to really degrade in times of fast movement. I guess the intended effect is for the flying rubble and junk to fly around the audience, to immerse us in the action. The effect that is achieved, the fight scenes are just blurry and the action scenes just become a jumbled mess of fuzz which is hard to follow.

If you have a 1080p capable television in your living room, it’s probably not worth seeing this movie in the theaters… Unless your TV is a 3D TV, then maybe you should go find a 2d theater showing somewhere…

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