My work laptop is about 5 or so years old right now. Right from day one I have been running linux on it.

Some of the older kernel/distro’s that I’ve had installed on that laptop showed their age by not having available drivers for the NVidia based graphics card or for the Broadcom wireless chipset. That’s fine; it’s bound to happen, and it does happen all the time.

Every once in a while though something breaks that really should not have. On Fedora, I have never had issues recompiling the NVidia drivers for a newer kernel. However, every single time the NVidia driver is updated SOMETHING BREAKS.

I’m not even sure what they broke this time around. First of all, my X Server configuration was all messed up. Next the NVidia driver was imposing some weird options on-top of the xrandr configuration that I have been using for over a year or so. Lastly, after attempting to set the desktop layout using xrandr the screens (both external screens and the built in laptop screen) just kept flickering and flickering until I switched to a TTY (CTRL-ALT-F2) and back.

It’s yet another clear indication that the driver people at NVidia don’t a) respect the XRandr display protocol used by all X Server based systems and b) don’t bother testing their code.

In the spirit of Linus Torvolds, I raise my hand in a 1 finger salute to you A$$hats at NVidia.

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