Because I can.

So the beauty of my current website design is that it has a few modular pieces. Three main pieces to be precise: git based content store, static site generation engine, web hosting account.

Right now my problem is that I cannot create an SSH connection with my Fedora VM to my web hosting account. This means I cannot update my sight with new posts or photos and whatnot.

The rest of the system still works though.

As I write I am adding content to the bitbucket backed repository that I store my website content in. I write everything in RST, a.k.a. reStructuredText, format so it is really straight forward to both write and for the python code of the engine that generates the static website to parse. I then upload the static website to my hosting account.

I’m fairly sure I logged into my account the other day, but I was running the Fedora native install on the other partition of my PC’s drive. Half the time I use a Fedora VM running in VirtualBox on a Windows 7 native install, and the other half I use the same operating systems the other way around. Things like games work faster in the Windows native install. On the other hand, tiling window managers work much better in a linux native environment.

It is what it is I guess. I’m probably just weird. I guess I’ll have to try a reboot soon and possibly have an IM chat with the support guys…

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