My 10 minute drive to work was actually a 40 minute adventure in bumper to bumper traffic this morning.

Apparently there was a fairly significant accident on Argyll road just East of 91St. Traffic was stop and go from 75St to 83St, and from 83St to 88St it was bumper to bumper. At 88St a firetruck was parked accross both westbound lanes where the accident must have been. My rubbernecking view was blocked though so I can’t say what happened. We were sent on a detour south on 88St through the industrial area. Eventually the detour came back to 91St so we could go back up to Argyll and continue on our merry way.

Perhaps I should give Google Now another shot at advising me on my commute… Had I bailed out at 83St, I could have happily taken 76Ave all the way to 99St…

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