Okay, I’ll admit it right off the top. That is a bit of a clickbait title…

The Bose Store is clearly not a local store that cares whether I go to their Edmonton location versus ordering it online or something. Also the analogy falters because it isn’t a matter of paying more for a locally grown/made thing-a-ma-bob versus one from a big player.

That said, hear me out and you’ll see what I mean…

Bose makes a great set of heaphones. The lower end headphone models have great sound quality and a pretty competitive pricing compared to what’s out there. I do question whether or not their higher end models are worth their hefty price tags or whether it is just brand posturing that tips the price to value ratio.

At any rate, a while back I picked up a pair of Bose SoundTrue over-ear headphones. They sound and fit great, come with a carrying case and have a replaceable cable in case it wears out over time. That last point is key. After about a year with the headphones, and after too many drops of my tablet onto the connected headphone jack the cable needed replacing.

I looked online at both the Amazon and the Best Buy online stores and both had cable I needed for about $12-15. Yesterday, on my day off, I thought that I’d just go out to West Ed Mall and get the replacement cable from Bose.


Not only did I have to deal with the zoo that is WEM, Bose charged me $35 for 10 cents of blue headphone cable and maybe $5-10 worth of connector.


Good thing I kept the original cable. The fault happened near the normal 1/8" headphone connector so I should be able to solder in a replacement connector. Perhaps I’ll make a trip over to Active Electronics today…

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