Hooray, the python game that I’ve been working on, Space, has reached version 1.0.


To start, I need to manage some expectations… Version 1.0 does not mean that it is a full blown vidoe game that is ready to be sold to the masses and make me millions of dollars. … I wish!

Space is first and formost a side programming project of mine. As such the goal for version 1.0 was to have a useable command line, a working game engine and some game model code, all tested and more or less useable.

If that’s the case what features are available then? To start the engine is only single player at the moment; multiplayer is planned for the future but we have a ways to go before we get there.

When starting up the user is asked for some details about themselves such as, where is your home planet and what is your name. Once your home planet is found you are given free reign to rule over your empire. In version 1.0 this means the user can build either a Mine or a Solar Power Plant, print some stats about themselves and that’s about it at this point in time.

The idea behind moving to version 1.0 right away instead of using some sub-whole number version is simplicity. Moving forward, any change that breaks the save file will increment the major version number and other feature changes will increment the minor number.

I’ll continue to post updates about my progress, and possibly even some details of what I’m working on at some point down the road.

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