Well, for some reason my linux VM running in VirtualBox on Windows 7 still cannot update my website. My native Fedora install is still fine though.

I’ve logged into my webhosting account and completely re-keyed the SSH access for the two computers I use to update my website from. Still no dice.

On my Windows 7 install I use a Fedora 22 VM to do my linux-y things, including updating my website. Updating the SSH keys made no difference. It seems the gssapi authentication protocol is failing as is the password authentication phase. The only real feedback that I get is that the connection is closed from the remote side before a full session can be negotiated.

I’ve just rebooted into my Fedora 22 native install though and it seems that my access is still working fine from here.

Curious-er and curious-er…

Not really an issue at the moment. I guess I’ll actually have to have an IM chat with one of the support guys to figure out the VM access thing.

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