Posting new things to me website is easy to do from a PC. I’m still looking for a way to easily post updates from my phone.

Ideally, there would be a nice git app for Android that would make it easy to submit changes to the repo which holds my website content. I haven’t found one that works very smoothely yet though.

One idea that I am trying out is to ise dropbox to creat new posts. Right now my workflow is: copy the template, rename the template, fill in template header, write post. So far this seems to be working out alright.

As for how to display the posts on the page itself, I’m still not sure what I want. It could be invisible and you don’t know from the end product that some articles came from a different source. Alternatively, I could add a new category like Drafts or On-The-Fly and the posts would be there until they get moved to the normal repo.

Well we’ll have to just see. First the automation that builds my site needs to be able to publish this post. Then we can get fancy.

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