Whelp my yearly Christmas trip home to BC has come to a close. This year also marks the first time a second piece of luggage was checked for my return flight.

Spoiler alert, all my luggage made it back to Edmonton without a problem.

Before you assume that the trip was completely devoid of travel issues I’ll state that I had a delayed flight while going both directions.

To start with, my trip home at the beginning of the week started with an uneventful flight to Vancouver, followed by a delayed flight in to Prince George.

As usual I was "randomly" selected for additional screening, but despite my beard I’m not an islamic extremist. Yet I played my part in the security theater so I could hurry on to the Tim Horton’s line and get a coffee.

The week was good. I’ll post the pictures I took during the trip shortly.

For the trip home, I had more luggage than normal. In past years, I’ve packed as light as I always do and I’ve always been able to fit the results of christmas back into the single piece of luggage. This year was slightly different though. I received a cool wooden guitar stand built by my Uncle Shorty which ended up requiring a box of its own. Luckily with all the "FRAGILE" notices I posted on the box it travelled just fine. I only needed to remember that fragile packages go to a different carousel at the Edmonton Airport.

My other piece of luggage just clocked in under the 50Ibs mark at 47Ibs, and it too made it in one piece.

So I am home now, working the lazy boxing week before New Years.

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