The laptop market is doing weird things to my head. After looking around for a laptop that suits my needs and that I can run linux on I find myself looking in places and to companies I never thought I’d gravitate to.

I have been browsing online for a while now, scoping out the reviews and such. Finally I went out to look in some of the stores. The rep at 2 differentplaces claimed that the whole warranty would be void if I reimaged the drives on most devices the sold. This led me to do some more research on the warranties from the different places. Turns outthe were not wrong. If I install linux and something breaks, if I cannot re-reimage the drive to its original state and I need warranty work then they will void the warranty. A small few companies are more friendly to the idea but they weren’t exactly my first choice.

One notable company with beautiful, powerful hardware however is so accomodating that their startup recovery screen can reformat the drive to the original OS from the internet if needed… Apple.

Interesting development this is. I am now seriously looking at a macbook pro. A place I never thought I would go.

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