Evolution is never complete. A tinkerer is never finished. A perfectionist never satisfied.

Ah, who am I kidding? This site is far from perfect, but it is evolving. Despite my minimal skill in web development I’m getting the hang of the whole HTML5 and jquery thing a little bit.

It’s going to be interesting when I try to make a more complicated web page front end for the game that I’m working on. (More on that in a different post, some other time)

So what did I change? It was fairly subtle. First I increased the number of articles per page from 10 to 25. It’s a small change but I think it helps clean things up a bit; at least until I accumulate a bunch more posts again. Second, I tweaked a few of the category pages. Namely the "music", "pics", and "ref" pages are a much more terse listing of the articles. They’re intended to be more of a lookup type page for articles that I may want to revisit so it’s easier to see the list without all the extra faff.

I’ve been sort of sloppy in writing some technical blogs without updating a reference page. I’ll put it on my TODO list in Trello to add or update some reference pages based on my recent-ish blog posts.

P.S. to the color coordinated and design concerned viewers out there:
I’m not changing the color scheme or even the layout significantly any time soon. My first priority is to get the repositories in order so they can be released Open Source. Then I can add features, bells, whistles, and bloat.
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