{Verse: G  Em  D  DaddG  Cadd9/G}
You're in your own world, it seems so nice
You've left me here, sitting on ice
It's chilly now in the cold
Come on baby bring me home

{Chorus: C  DaddG  Gmaj}
Now how could that be (I don't know) You're without me    {:|}

I see the road clearly now
It's rough but I'm slowing down
Every step I take I think of you
You've been mean but you pulled me through

{C        G   D              Em}
Life has come and swallowed me
{C  G      D       Em}
I'm running to get free
{C         DaddG    A7  A7sus4  AaddG}
I can't do it alone I need your help
{C  G      D       G}
Be a pal come get me out

{G  Em  D  DaddG  Cadd9/G  :|}

I'm on the road to recovery
I have to thank you. You sure helped me
Stand by me now it's a test of faith
you maid me realize, we're not safe
you maid me realize, we're not safe

{G  Em  D  DaddG  Cadd9/G  :|}
" "