Well there you have it. My first post, written on my new Macbook.

As I set things up and try to get aquainted I’ve already found a number of differences that need to be accounted for. The main differences to start with are in my bash profile. Some of the support or behaviour of a few of the tools have changed in minor ways. I need to either fix my scripts in ways that are platform agnostic or I need to use different versions for mac vs everything else.

To start with I’ve gone with the easy solution of just having a mac version and a linux version of a few files. I may put in some time to revert that back to one and just fix the issues… if I can.

I’ve got homebrew running, which let me get a bunch of other things like python 3 for a bunch of my scripts, neovim with which I’m typing this, tmux, etc.

I’ve chosen and set the hostname of my mac too. "hackmanite", clever isn’t it? My big PC is named obsidian because it is black, so in keeping with the gemstone name I’ve chosen one that seems sort of appropriate.

I have also created an ssh key, and configured bitbucket with it. I then cloned all my repos. Committing to one of these repos is actually how I’m writing this right now. I haven’t set up mirroring to github on the few accounts that I do that, but I will get to it later.

I’ll post again later next time I have an update on the mac situation. So far all seems to be fairly clear sailing.

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